Affiliate Levels & Commission Structure

MBizCard is NOT a multi-level marketing company. The MBizCard is an individual service provided by CKV Solutions, LLC. After many requests, we elected to roll out a special 5-Level Affiliate Rewards option. This allows you to benefit whenever people you introduced the MBizCard to introduce it to people they know. Participation in the platform is completely optional. We do not have "legs" or qualification rules. You simply elect to use the Referral Code that is automatically created when you generate your MBizCard. View the Images below to learn more about how to earn points and the value of each point based on your MBizCard Package.

Referrals: Rules & Procedures

The MBizCard is not a multi-level marketing platform. Instead, it believes in utilizing affiliate links for any user that wants to be rewarded when someone creates an account using their Referral Code.

Methods of Submission - There are 2 ways that referrals can be attached to an account associated with a current user. Both methods utilize the attachment of a unique Referral Code that matches the MBizCard holder's account ID:

  • PWA Referral Link - This process enables users to enter a contact's name and email address manually from a unique link found on their MBizCard PWA page.
  • Clickable Referral Link - Every MBizCard account comes with a unique referral URL. It can be easily accessed from their welcome email or the menu bar of their MBizCard. This link can be easily shared by text message, email, on a website, or as part of a social media post ... basically wherever a URL can be shared.

Referral Code Conversion Date - Every time a submission is made using a Referral Code, a Conversion Date is attached to the submission. It is always 45 days after the submission date. This conversion date, along with the exact time of submission, is used to create the Referral Code Priority.

Referral Code Priority - MBizCard follows a first refer, first reward policy. This means that whatever Referral Code is used first by either of the methods mentioned above will have priority and receive credit when a new account is created. If there is an active Conversion Date associated with a new account's email address, then the corresponding Referral Code will trump the code actually used when submitting an order for a new MBizCard. The Referral Code used when submitting an order only receives priority if no other Referral Code has been previously used and there is no active Conversion Date associated with the email address.

Final Code Acceptance - When new MBizCards are generated, the Referral Code is not always verified in real-time. At the end of every month, a comprehensive check is made for all MBizCards created that month. Any questions pertaining to Referral Codes are solved during this process. The Referral Code used to place an order is matched to any referral submissions associated with that specific email address. Priority is rewarded to the first Referral Code used that is still within the 45-day Conversion Date window.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Referral Codes are Attached to the Email Address Used During a Submission and the Order of a New MBizCard. MBizCard has no way of overruling a referral based on an individual's name. The user MUST use the email address connected with the Referral Code for the Referrer to receive credit.

How to Receive Affiliate Commissions

You must provide CKV Solutions, LLC with your PayPal address. You can do this by Submitting a Support Ticket with a message containing your PayPal Email address. Commissions will be paid out whenever your Redeemable Amount is $25.00 USD or more. In the event that you do not want to receive commissions, you can submit a support request to find out the other ways your redeemable amount can be utilized. This includes donating it to a not-for-profit organization or crediting it to an invoice for other services provided by CKV Solutions, LLC.

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