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This page is designed for active MBizCard accounts/users. If you do not have an active account, your submission(s) will be deleted. If you do have an active account, then please note we are more than happy to help you get edits made to your MBizCard.

Note: ALL Support requests properly submitted through this page will be given priority over emails requesting support.

If you need to make a quick change to your MBizCard, then please view the support videos below that will guide you through the process of updating the main features of your MBizCard.

Support Ticket

Core MBizCard Functionality

The videos in this section are applicable to ALL MBizCard accounts. They cover the basics so that you can take your initial MBizCard design and updated it to include all the information you want to share with others as you connect moving forward.

General Editing Overview

The MBizCard Dashboard

Editing Your Bio

Editing the Video Widget

Editing the Menu & Links

Editing Your Picture & Logo

Branding Your MBizCard

Personal Account Feature Editing

This video covers editing of widgets that are unlocked for users on either the Personal or Unlimited Plan. This includes versioning, Custom HTML, form editing and integration, and page settings. If you have any questions, please submit a support request.

Redirect Pages & Video Messages

The ability to use Redirect Pages is why most users select the Unlimited MBizCard Account. The videos in this section will guide you through how to create a Lead Contact Page or Funnel Starter, generate and send a Video Message, embed Custom HTML (online review or MLS listings for example), and Image Galleries.

Redirect Pages Overview

Connect Forms & Funnel Starters

Video Message Pages

Embed Custom HTML

Image Gallery Pages

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