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Note: The video on this page was created when MailboxPower was branded as Banner Season. The information is still the same but you will use mailboxpower.com instead of bannerseason.com.

If you are using MailboxPower, it is because you know the importance of touchpoints with both leads and clients. MailboxPower provides you with a great way to stay connected through letters, postcards, and gifts that make everyone who receives them feel good. But a true marketing campaign has to contain the ability to reach people in a variety of methods. For that reason, the MBizCard is a great way to generate authentic touches digitally and serves as the perfect compliment for your MailboxPower campaigns.

Watch the 19 Minute Demo below to see how the MBizCard works with your MailboxPower account.

Ways to Use Both Platforms Together

You may be wondering how both of these platforms can work well together. After all, it's one thing to provide a button or an integration but creating a strategy behind what you do is key. Let's take a look at a few ways you can use both platforms together:

Start with a Digital Introduction:

  1. Meet someone in-person or online and share your MBizCard through email, messenger, or text message.
  2. Tell them you like to send personalized notes and gifts and would appreciate it if they would complete the form on your link so you can have their preferred contact information.
  3. Once the form is complete, it triggers a campaign inside your MailboxPower account to send out a postcard or ...
  4. Your postcard has a link on it back to your MBizCard and you invite them to contact you so you can have an in-person or virtual 1-to-1 so you can get to know each other better.

Lead with MailboxPower

  1. Send a postcard, letter, or gift to someone you already have an address for and use it as a way to put you back in the forefront of their mind.
  2. Include a link to your MBizCard so they can make sure they have an easy way to contact you and a means to ensure they have saved your contact information.
  3. Follow-up in a few days with a nice email or phone call.


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MBizCard Packages

When you are creating your MBizCard, you will have the option to choose from a Monthly package or an Annual Package. By selecting the Annual Package, you get 2 months free every year!

Starter Package

(Works on ALL Devices)

Easy to Share & Save Buttons

App Icon with Your Picture

Downloadable vCard

1-Click Contact & Directions

Personalize Header Menu

Embed YouTube Video

Customize "About Me" Section

Edit Color Scheme/Style

Upload & Share Public Files

Personal Package

All Starter Package Features

Embed Custom HTML

Embed Social Media Feeds

Edit SEO Meta Data

Add Analytics & Pixel Codes

Change Your App Icon

Create "Versions"

Edit "New Contact" Email

Customize Contact Form

Use to Trigger a Funnel

Integrate with 1,500+ Apps

Unlimited Package

All Personal Package Features

Unlimited VIDEO Messages
(New Feature!)

Unlimited, Personal MBizCards

Unlimited Redirect Pages

Customize Every MBizCard

Blog Engine Integration

Personal Affiliate Link

Premium Support Response Time

Enterprise Package

All Unlimited Package Features

Custom Branding for Video Messages

10 Accounts Included

$5/Additional Account

Private Label Available for Additional Cost

Training Session for Team

Organizational & Private Label Accounts

We offer two custom plans for these situations. One allows for special bulk pricing using the MBizCard brand and one that allows your organization to completely private label the platform so there is no reference to MBizCard or MBizTools, LLC. Please schedule an online demo to learn more. These solutions are perfect for associations, chambers of commerce, direct selling companies, networking groups, and organizations with large sales or customer support teams.

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