Actual MBizCard Examples

This page contains a few examples so you can get a better feel of how users are utilizing their MBizCard. Since each card is live, it's possible the user has made an update since posting their card to this page. Each user has given permission to have their MBizCard featured on the page.

Affiliate Machine

Ray Coggin is affiliated with a number of organizations. He designed his menu into categories so that users can easily find the links he wants them to click on.

Speaker Profile

Rita Garnto speaks about Stress Management. She uses her MBizCard to share her speaker sheet, speaker reel, and to allow viewers to take her Stress Quiz (lead generation).

kvCORE RealtorĀ®

Yamil Martinez uses the MBizCard so users can connect with him on a more personal level. The kvCORE widgets allow people to search for a home and find the value of a home.

Bilingual RealtorĀ®

Adriana Reyes uses the menu to help promote her bilingual real estate services. She also utilizes both her MLS embed code and a social media widget feed.

Insurance Quote

Darla Cintron provides insurance coverage to a number of people. In order to provide clients with quotes in a timely manner, she incorporated a custom quote generation tool.

Joi Delivers Page

Krista Foster is one of the fastest-growing Independent Marketing Reps for Joi Delivers. She uses this page to help explain the platform to prospective reps and drivers.

It Works! Pages

It Works! has a special set of Plus Pages available to Unlimited Package users. These pages allow for link promotion on Facebook and other blocked websites.

Vollara Pages

Tony Baldwin knows about the power behind Vollara's ActivePure technology. The special Vollara Plus Pages help users share the videos and key info on a single page.

Mailbox Power Page

Jerilyn McDonald is an active user and promoter of Mailbox Power. This Plus Page helps her share with others exactly WHY she loves Mailbox Power and how to claim an account.

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