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This page contains the support videos that will walk you through exactly how to make changes and use your MBizCard. If you watch the video for your need and still have questions or need assistance we encourage you to click the green Submit Support Request button in the bottom right corner of this page. If more information is needed, we will contact you to schedule a time to discuss through an online meeting.

NOTE: If you need to make changes to your PHONE NUMBER, EMAIL ADDRESS, or PHYSICAL LOCATION (ADDRESS), please send us the updated information through the support request form.

Welcome & Basic Editing

Your Links & Contacts

Edit Color Scheme & Fonts

Upload & Share Files

Upgraded User Videos

The following videos can be viewed by anyone, but only users with a Personal, Enterprise, or Private Label account will be able to make these changes.

Editing Contact Forms

Create & Use Versions

Edit Header Code & App Icon

Adding Custom HTML Code

Integrating Contact Forms


The key feature of the Enterprise Package is the ability to have multiple MBizCards. You can use these cards in a wide variety of ways. By default, your Enterprise Account will be loaded with 5 MBizCards, but we are happy to generate as many as you need. Just submit a support ticket and let us know how many you need and they will be loaded in a timely manner. You can edit your various MBizCards by following the support videos above.

Managing Multiple MBizCards

Network More Efficiently

Want to upgrade your account and network more efficiently? Start by determining if you want a Monthly or Annual Subscription. With an Annual Subscription you get 2 FREE months each year.

Request Support

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