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MBizCard | THE Mobile Business Card

Welcome to the service that launched MBizTools, LLC. In 2012, the MBizCard was created to help people searching for new jobs. It quickly evolved to a networking tool embraced by sales coaches, real estate agents, automobile dealers, and network marketers. Since then, we have added users in all industries that focus around sales and customer support.

If you are serious about networking more efficiently while providing a professional means of getting your contact information saved to your current and prospective client's phones and contact list then you need to get your MBizCard Today!

You Can Do More with Unlimited

With an Unlimited Account, you can create as many versions of the MBizCard as you want. Create one for every service you offer, every networking group you are a part of, every organization you represent or for whatever reason you have to create multiple MBizCards. In addition, you have the ability to add a blot to your MBizCard domain through the Blog Engine integration. Finally, you can add unlimited Redirect Pages which can be used for just about anything.

Redirect Pages Overview

Make sure you watch the following video that outlines all that you can do with the Redirect Pages. These pages are part of the Unlimited Package. Ten get generated for you upon creation of your MBizCard. After that, you can request as many as you would like!

Plus Pages are Live

The Plus Page feature for Unlimited Account holders is now active. We are working with organizations to build a series of pages that anyone with an Unlimited Package can add to their account ... if they are an associate, distributor, representative, etc. of the organization. If you believe one is needed for your organization and are an Unlimited Account holder, then please submit a support ticket and we will contact you.

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MBizCard Packages

When you are creating your MBizCard, you will have the option to choose from a Monthly package or an Annual Package. By selecting the Annual Package, you get 2 months free every year!

Organizational & Private Label Accounts

We offer two custom plans for these situations. One allows for special bulk pricing using the MBizCard brand and one that allows your organization to completely private label the platform so there is no reference to MBizCard or MBizTools, LLC. Please schedule an online demo to learn more. These solutions are perfect for associations, chambers of commerce, direct selling companies, networking groups, and organizations with large sales or customer support teams.

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